tisdag 17 juni 2008

Cool but hot tomato soup - No croutons required, June 2008

I usually write in Swedish, but this post will be the first exception. The reason is that there are several food blogging events going on, and as they are usually international, participating post should be written in English. So, in other words, this post is my first contribution to one of these events. To be precise, to one called No Croutons Required. This event is about veg*n soups and salads, and the theme for this month is legumes. So here is a translation of this tomato soup recipe that I recently made.

When I created this soup, the weather was really hot, so I wanted a nice chilled soup to cool me down a bit. Still I wanted some hot spices, so this became a cool hot soup. Use amounts of spices according to your own liking.

2 cans (400-500 g) chopped tomatoes
1 medium-size or large carrot
2 celery ribs
1 garlic clove
Black pepper
Ground cumin
Paprika or dried chili
2 dl (or one can) cannelini beans
Ground cinnamon
Chopped parsley

Pour the tomatoes into a saucepan. Slice the carrot and celery, crush the garlic and add them. Also add pepper, cumin and chili and bring to a boil. Cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Add beans and cinnamon, cook for one more minute and then pour the soup into a food processor and blend it. Transfer to a bowl and put it in the fridge to cool. Serve the soup chilled, garnished with parsley.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej!
    Länkar dig i min blogg.
    Du får gärna göra detsamma!:)

  2. I saw your recipe from the round up. Sounds delicious and it's not really hot.

  3. i think i overdid the chilli (and cayenne pepper and regular pepper)...

    as my version was really hot!

    but worth a try again.


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